Fashion is a STATEMENT in our STEAM programming with Students ART Workshop 2023″-

“VR TRAINING & ART PACK CREATION” with “ONLINE/SOCIAL MEDIA “AUCTION”.   Our SME  Nilective enabling NFL partnership opportunity with students for this years “NFL DRAFT”.

Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City Missourri – Hosting our 2nd WORKSHOP – dedicated to the NFL. 

This televised workshop is an “AUCTION” for the purpose of Epilepsy and Autism. This builds awareness, for individuals, influencers within a fundraising creative space for “FANS”.  This funding for organizations- in the furthering research, and medical enhancement to cure disease. Art Packs that are sold allocate within this workshop with NFL, NBA, and MLB themes. We have also build placements with new eccentric apparel brands.  This opportunity gives the creative side in entrepreneurship and POP SHOP Awareness- supporting Autism in the month of APRIL 2023.